Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Lacquer Ring - Pink Holo

Good morning everyone! I'm back this week with another installment of The Lacquer Ring and this month's first challenge is pink holo, chosen by the lovely Amanda from Mae's Beauty. Unfortunately, I missed the last challenge (cherry blossoms) but sometimes life just gets in the way and I have to accept that. Life only seems to get busier by the day for me so I have so much respect for blogger ladies who manage their endless pile of polishes to swap and nail art to create, I can barely believe that I used to be able to post almost daily for nearly a year! 

Ok, without further ado, here's my pink holo mani featuring Orly Pure Porcelain (aka Decades of Dysfunction) and Color Club Cherubic. 

As it turns out, this is the only pink holo I have. Can you believe it!? There are some really lovely fuchsia holos out there, I just haven't gotten my paws on a bottle yet. Probably because I didn't realize I was lacking. I chose to stamp Cherubic because in all honesty I thought it was a nude! Turns out, no, it's a very pale and delicate pink with a strong linear holo effect. This photo was taken under bright white/blue compact Flourescent lighting. It is the most color accurate but also has too much light reflection to show off the pretty holo effect. 

Here are the two photos I took in my light box, they look much more neutral, like nudes. 

If you've noticed, I chopped off my claws and am now sporting some cute little shorties. I love my long nails and ovals turned out to be much stronger than I ever expected (hell, they made it through the painting of my bedroom and living room!), but short nails are much more conducive to my lifestyle. One of my hobbies, if you can call it that, is canyoneering and that involves a modest amount of rock climbing. Long nails just don't fit the bill and I can't be worried about breaking a nail when I'm hanging from a rope and harness a hundred or so feet off of a canyon floor. 

Here's a couple shots from my trip to Waterholes Canyon outside of Page, AZ:

I hope the formatting of this post looks ok, I passed out on the couch last night so I'm writing this up at work on my iPad. I didn't want to miss another prompt!

Be sure to check out all the other amazing ladies who contribute to The Lacquer Ring!


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