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I have recently added 120+ polishes to this blog sale page and would like to take this opportunity to extend an apology to anyone I've not replied to in the last year or so. I truly regret not being more proactive in this but as I am sure many of you know, when your life is in a constant state of flux and uncertainty, it can be difficult to keep track of things. Emails get marked "to be read" and put off until they end up buried under everything else that creeps up and lost to the inbox abyss. I am a poor blogger in that regard, and I am sorry.

Please note changes to the terms and conditions listed below: All new polishes listed are a mix of brand new, swatched, and used polishes, most are or have been used only once on a swatch hand unless otherwise noted. From this point forward pricing has changed and rather than list a price for each polish, brands will be assigned a price. Older photos with pricing stand. Prices are still negotiable and lot purchases are encouraged. 

Pricing: (unless otherwise marked)

  • OPI - $4.00
  • Orly - $3.00
  • Zoya - $4.00
  • Essie - $4.00
  • China Glaze - $3.00
  • Butter London - $5.00
  • Finger Paints - $2.50
  • Misa - $3.00
  • Revlon - $2.00
  • Sinful Colors - $1.00
  • Indie Brands - $4.00
  • Each photo grouping is a "lot." Lot Pricing is 20% of grouping's total price.
  • Miscellaneous items will be individually priced.
  • You can purchase the entirety of this blog sale for $420.00. That might sound ridiculous, but with approximately 194 items listed, it averages to just over $2.15 an item. And hey, why the hell not try!

  • If interested in purchasing or swapping any items listed in this blog sale please send an email to with "Blog Sale" listed in the subject line.
  • Let me know which item(s) or lot you are interested in, your paypal email address, mailing address, and if you would like delivery confirmation or upgraded shipping (Priority) for additional cost.
  • Paypal only, cost of items + fee. I will invoice you for buyer protections.
  • The purchaser has 48 hours to complete payment after transaction is confirmed by myself, the seller.

  • This blog sale is open internationally but subject to postal restrictions if applicable. I'll do my best to work with the buyer to provide shipping estimates.
  • USPS First Class shipping will be used when shipping to the US, with items placed in padded envelopes. $3.00 for the first item + $0.50 per additional item.
  • Delivery Confirmation available for an additional $0.80.
  • Optional shipping upgrade to Priority Mail small Flat Rate Box is $6 including delivery confirmation.
  • Polish "lots" over three bottles will be shipped in Priority Mail small Flat Rate boxes for the $6 rate.
  • All items will be wrapped in bubble wrap for protection.

Terms & Conditions:
  • All sales are final, no returns or exchanges - items are sold "as is." If you have any questions regarding an item prior to purchase I will be happy to answer any and all questions.
  • I, the seller, am not responsible for lost or damaged items due to shipping & handling but will take all necessary precautions to protect items from normal damage.
  • Purchasers will be notified when items have been put out to post, with relevant confirmation number if applicable.
  • Items will only be shipped once payment is confirmed, not pending.

Additional info:
  • All polishes have been worn or swatched only once unless otherwise noted.  
  • Lot pricing is discounted at 20%.
  • Pricing is negotiable, just ask!. 
  • Red, italicised items are PENDING.
  • Strikethrough items are SOLD.

Pink Plumeria, Flirty Tankini, Love's A Beach, Igniting Love

Budding Romance, Trendsetter, Lemon Fizz, Papaya Punch

Swing Baby, Crimson, Velvet Bow, Blue Iguana

Blue Iguana, Metallic Muse, Near Dark, Holly-Day

Ray-Diant, Optical Illusion, Liquid Crystal (remaining 2 of set found below)

New Bohemian Collection: No Plain Jane, Want My Bawdy, Deviant Darling, Unpredictable, Rare & Radient, Swanky Silk. Sold as set - $25.00

Bluey, Shag, No More Wait-y, Katie, Fairy Lights, Trustafarian, Dodgy Barnett

Myrta, Sienna, Kotori (redacted), Nyx, Meg, Vespa; minis come free with lot purchase, otherwise, $1.

Blue Rhapsody, Nothing Else Metals, Set In Stones, A Cut Above, Brazilliant

 Pepe's Purple Passion, Rally Pretty Pink, In My Back Pocket, Fiercely Fiona, Don't Mess With OPI, Happy Anniversary

Rock-It, Emberstone, Red Flare, Bus Stop Crimson

Dazzle, Luxe, Sashay My Way

Kaleidoscope Collection (original), plus Sparkle Top Coat - sold as set, $100 obo: Twisted, Flashy, Asylum, Motley, Flecked
Like It Like That, Quirky Smile, A Sin Worth Committing

All That Glitters: Pumpkin King, Horror Business, Witch Craft; Pretty & Polished: Day Trippin', Vampire Strikes Back

KB Shimmer Get Clover It, Pahlish Toxic And Timeless, Jindie Nails: Baby Doll, Purple People Pleaser, Hungry Asian Sneeze Breeze (needs thinner/reconstituted)

What's Your Name, Nova, Inkwell, Secret Admirer, Slate

Rain Storm, Blue By You, Neptune, Slick

Innocent, Green Ocean, San Francisco, Last Chance

Wicket Star, Haunted Heart (both LE Halloween polishes), Seductive, Heavenly

Copper Shimmer, Copper Chrome, Gold Chrome (needs thinner), Silver Chrome

Barry M $2.50: Croc Effects Black, Jewel Britannia; Urban Outfitters $2.00: Flip Flop, Sea Dust

$2.00: Diamond Cosmetics Don't Teal My Heart Away; Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly (scented, maybe?); Island Girl Hawaiian Color

 Older Listings

OPI - $4: Princesses Rule; Love Is A Racket (BN); Meep Meep Meep; Congeniality Is My Middle Name; unnamed gold - pre 3free (90%); Big Hair... Big Nails. Entire lot for $19.

Orly - $3:  Faint Of Heart (BN); Prelude To A Kiss; Frolic (BN); Flirty (BN); Hawaiian Punch (90%). Entire lot for $12.

Zoya - $4:  Mimi (BN); Katy; Pippa; Cola (BN)

Sation - $2: One & Only Orange; Class Flirt; Hail To The Pink. Entire lot for $4.50.

Misc. brands - $2:  Misa The Grass is Greener On My Side; Color Club Snow-Flakes; Essie Alligator Purse SOLD; Zoya Izzy; SpaRitual Rhythm Of Life (BN) and Spirit Child (BN). Entire lot for $8.

China Glaze - $3:  Lubu Heels; Glitter Goblin; Ultamate Holiday (Ulta Holiday LE 2011) (BN) SOLD; Prism (BN); Full Spectrum (BN). 

China Glaze - $3:  Jolly Holly (85%), $1; Lavender Lingo (BN); Cross Iron 360; Goin' My Way (BN); Classic Camel. 

Indies - $6: Jindie Nails Your're Gonna Love Me; Once Upon a Polish Under The Sea SOLD and Diamond Mine; All That Glitters Walking Dead and Night Fright. 

Sally Hansen nail polish strips: Plaid About You and Spun For You, both BN and unopened. Pair for $5.

Revlon circa 2006:  LE Sunkissed Pink; Kiss Me Coral; Passion Punch Shimmer; Strawberry Electric; Teak Rose. Entire lot for $5 or $1 each.

Misc. Brands - $2: Revlon Starry Pink and Blue Mosaic; Nina Ultra Pro Molten Copper (BN) and Molten Gold (BN); L'Oreal Brit Invasion and Hotting Hill Blues. Entire lot for $9.

Sinful Colors - $1:  I Love You; Vacation Time; Hazard; Sugar Sugar. (All BN). Entire lot for $2.50.

Misc. Brands - $1:  Rimmel Big Night Out (85%); Island Girl Hawaiian Volcano; Glow In The Dark Pumpkin; Pure Ice Wild Thing; Sally Hansen Princess Cut (flakies!); Wet n' Wild Correction Tape ($2) SOLD. Entire lot for $5.

Orly: Androgynie (x1), $3; Gilded Coral (x1), $2; Shining Star (BN) SOLD, $4. 

Zoya: Gigi (x1), $4 SOLD; OPI: Excuse Moi (x1), $4; Meet Me On The Starferry (x1), $4; SpaRitual: Instinct (x1), $7. OR, entire lot for $13.

Revlon: Electric (x1) dupe for Chanel Mimosa, $2; Mistletoe (BN) dupe for Zoya Edyta, $2; Facets of Fuchsia (x1) dupe for Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance, $2. OR, entire lot for $4.

Wet & Wild Fast Dry: Behind Closed Doors (BN) dupe for Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers, $2; L'Oreal: Owl's Night SOLD (x1), $2; Sonia Kashuk: Fairy Princess SOLD (x1), $2. 

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Teal-y Cool (BN), $1; Disco Ball (BN), $1; Pumpkin Spice (BN), $3 - SOLD; Set The Stage (x1), $1; Twinkle Twinkle (BN), $1. OR, entire lot for $3.

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine: Luminous, Brilliant, Glossy (all to fill line), $0.50ea; Sally Hansen HD: Hi Def & Lite (both BN), $1ea. OR, entire lot for $2.50.


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